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Bring Wild Wolves Back To Britain

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For many years, the stories of Wolves have naturally put fear into human beings. Tales such as “Little Red Riding Hood” or the saying “Big Bad Wolf” have been repeated for many years. Told to pretty much every child and that’s where the fear begins. They are seen as evil, viscous monsters that are out to get humans and will eat/kill any human that walks past them. This kind of mindset has created a bad relationship between man and wolf. So naturally, most people here were glad that to hear the story of the last wolf in Britain that was supposedly shot in the 1700’s. The truth is, these are probably the most misunderstood animals in history. We know the wolves live in a lot of European countries and are highly populated in North America. In the last 100 years, there were only 2 documented cases of a fatal wolf attack in North America. Much less than Bears and even Sharks. However, it’s time to look at the benefits of wolf Reintroduction. Anyone who knows even little about wolves, will know that they regularly hunt deer. Deer population has doubled in the UK since 1965 and cause many accidents on our roads (

this article shows that a person is much more likely to die because of a Deer than a Wolf. Deer have to be regularly hunted in the UK for nothing other than population control. In my opinion, it would make more sense for wolves to do this for us as part of the food chain.

Here you will find out exactly the kind of relationship humans can have with wolves. This shows two people raising Wolves as cubs and creating a bond very similar to our domesticated dogs

If you watch, you’ll see that wolves pose no threat to humans. They’re shy animals that like to stay out of our way. This is a creature that was once highly populated in our country and we do have the space for them. 

There is an ongoing worry about the fate of farmers livestock as they’re known to attack sheep. Almost every country with wild wolves, compensates farmers for any livestock lost to a wolf attack. Surely it’s possible that we could do the same thing. Even if this isn’t successful, I hope it gives you a better understanding to the misunderstood animals that we grew to fear. The truth is, you’re more likely to be killed by your pet dog than a wild wolf. 

Please show your support by signing this petition. Many people are fighting for this animals right to roam the UK countryside again, but it’s proving difficult due to worries of livestock and human safety. If we all had a better understanding, you’ll see that we could live with these animals again.

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