Hold the Scottish SPCA to account for the prolonged suffering of the Merrick Ponies!

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Recently a local horse rescue centre in Dumfries and Galloway was made aware of a herd of horses abandoned on land around the highest point in Southern Scotland, Merrick in the Galloway Forest Park.  On investigation, the centre found the horses, apparently being 'monitored' by the SSPCA but they'd lost track of them.  Two of these horses were found dead, and had been for some weeks, their carcasses left to rot on the hillside.

The centre took action to remove the remaining horses, suffering from severe malnutrition, riddled with lice and in a pretty bad way clearly not having had any attention for some months.  The local community and further reaching supporters have been appalled and disgusted by the state these animals were left in and have no doubt more would have succumbed to the brutal conditions on the hill had the 3 R's Rescue Centre not stepped in.

The 'owner' of these horses is now making attempts to repossess them, and this petition has been created to protect the 'Merrick 7' from being returned to this low life, and demand answers from the SSPCA as to why those poor creatures were left to die a slow, painful death when they were well aware of their presence in that area and did nothing to protect them - exactly in contradiction to the very reason their charity exists.

Please sign and share this petition to get the answers the SSPCA rightly owe the public in this case, and ensure these beautiful animals get the chance of a life they deserve.