Stop the government forcing us to buy expensive technology to function

Stop the government forcing us to buy expensive technology to function

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Kiki Kaos started this petition to Scottish Government and

The apps we are required to display, by law, to gain entry into events are only compatible with new technology/recent mobile phones. We are being forced to buy and have expensive up to date mobile phones. So if someone does not have a recent phone, or can’t afford to buy a newer model, or it goes against their beliefs to even have a mobile phone at all - they will not be able to attend events at entertainment venues.

So we are now a society favouring affluent citizens thus excluding the poorest people. Favouring tech savvy minds whilst shunning those who cannot or do not wish to engage in the lastest technology available. 

The price of a mobile phone increases significantly every year, even a second hand mobile is around £100 at the cheapest. 

Whilst it is great that an alternative to Vaccine Passports has been created, it is not great that recent expensive technology is required to satisfy the law put in place to allow the public to engage in social events. 

Another issue is that either a passport or drivers licence is required to verify I.d via face recognition on the app. Many people do not have either. We have shunned the notion of I.D cards and yet expensive technology and face recognition is require if we want to enjoy music and sports. If some people cannot even afford electricity or gas, an ever growing problem, how are they expected to be able to afford a passport AND a new phone to go to the concert or event they have most likely saved up for. 

If this law does not change then at the very least people should be provided with mobile phones that are compatible with the required apps or a voucher to purchase such a phone. 

The majority of the key workers who were being applauded and thanked at the start of covid, are among the lowest paid employees. Many of the very people who kept the country running during lockdown will face these issues. Some thanks!

Many people with additional needs, whether this is autism, a mental health issue or a visual impairment will struggle to use this technology, not because of incapability - but because it is inaccessible and poorly designed. It is easy to assume that all people with additional needs receive support for these things but sadly it is not always the case.

Scotland is supposed to be a country that champions Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Speech. I believe Nicola Sturgeon genuinely does her best and is passionate about creating an equal Scotland. I am in no way slating her, she is someone I respect but I do believe all politicians can make oversights when having to create and adapt new laws in uncharted territory and it is only when these laws are in place that the cracks appear. Who falls through the cracks? The working class, the elderly, the parents of large families, the carers, the differently abled, both the weak and strong minded members of society who either cannot or choose not to adhere to the compulsory use of new technology or the price tag attached to it.

30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!