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STOP penalising kinship carers for acting on their natural instinct to PROTECT

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Kinship carers are continually being penalised for using their natural instinct to protect their own.Even in circumstances where the kinship carer has just lost their own child they are expected to leave the child/children where they are to be picked up by strangers in the local authority where they live.This is not only traumatic for the sometimes bereaved carers and the child but it is also unjust and completely barbaric !

The carers are then often penalised for acting on natural instinct to protect the children they love by being denied support to raise the children outwith the care system saving the tax payer and Scottish government millions per annum! The avarage  "recognised " kinship child receives 10x less than one placed in foster care.Unrecognised usually children who have been protected by family without involving social work known as informal carers but still recognised as a kinship carer are given no support financial or other to care for these often damaged children. 

On average and only because of a ECHR and COSLA ruling implemented in October 2015 "recognised" Kinship children or formal as they are referred to receive a maintenance payment in line with foster children BUT the carer does not receive a wage meaning the average kinship child costs up to 8k a year whilst purchased foster care costs on average 48k a year Per Child and secured accommodation a massive 118k per annum

Kinship can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME ask yourself this question if the worst thing imaginable happened to you and you lost your child or extended family member uncle ,aunt or sibling what would your first insinct be ? To protect their child no matter what the outcome ? Or leave them alone with strangers in order to be treated justly and fairly by a society that it's supposed to protect its most vulnerable the CHILDREN? !WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  



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