Scottish Government to reduce plastic packaging in fruit and veg aisles.

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We are a primary 6 class who care about our future. So far we have planned and performed an assembly to raise awareness and encourage people to take action and have picked up plastic waste in our own environment. We have also adopted a polar bear.

We want Scottish supermarkets to reduce the amount of plastic used in the fruit and vegetable aisles. Fruit and vegetables already have their own natural packaging so why do we cover them in plastic? 

12.2 million tonnes of plastic enter our marine environments every year. This is almost the same weight as 2 million humans. Over 200 species including turtles, whales and fish eat plastic causing them to become injured or die from malnutrition. 

We understand that sometimes plastic is necessary. We just want supermarkets to reduce it where it is not needed. People have been asking supermarkets for a while and we feel not enough has been done. We are now asking the Scottish government to step in and help make a difference to save our planet.