Mandatory jail terms for foster carers convicted of abusing kids in their care.

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Foster carers are employed to provide compensatory & therapeutic care to children who have experienced early years trauma, loss and abuse. Whilst there are many foster carers who were/are true to this, others systematically abused foster kids over many years. The recent case of an Aberdeen women, Sheila Davies, being given a community service order is a slap down and mark of disrespect to the brave victims who relived the trauma to report the abuse. How many more victims do we want to see treated in this manner? 

Lets send a clear message now!

The Scottish Government must impose emergency legislation to insist on minimum jail terms for those convicted of abusing foster kids in their care. They must not wait until the conclusion and publication of the child abuse inquiry. Act now to prevent these abusers getting off with a slap on the wrist.