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Make PE optional in Scottish Schools

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The Scottish government has made it a requirement for secondary school pupils to have at least 2 hours of physical exercise a week. For some people this may be seen as a fun part of the day but for others it may be a major trauma or even just seem like a pointless part of the day for others. What we are petitioning for is to have PE be optional in schools so that for the people who do not want to do it they simply don't have to. It is clear that schools are so keen for pupils to do PE as it is meeting know of the many 'targets' that the government has made to make schools look better in general instead of focusing on the actual academic subjects that are important to everyone. 

As another point, by the time pupils are in S5, the majority of them are 16 year or older meaning that legally we are classed as adults, beyond school leaving age. So should we be forced into doing PE? Shouldn't we have a choice in the matter? It would seem very counter productive to leave school at this age simply for the fact that pupils don't want to do PE. 


It has been show in the past that petitions to the Scottish Government work and that changes can happen, so whether you are in school doing PE, a parent, an Aunt or Uncle, even a Gran or Grandad, please sign this petition to help bring about change and help fix the broken system based around targets in our schools!

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