Demand Scottish Government reviews decision in PF v Christopher Daniel case

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Sheriff Gerald Sinclair took the "wholly exceptional" decision to grant an 'absolute discharge' to a young man he found guilty of a sustained period of sexual abuse of a female child. The child was abused sexually by Christopher Daniel from the age of 6 to the age of 8 when she finally found the courage to report the abuse and the name of the abuser. The abuser conducted the abuse from the age of 15 to 17. The fact he is currently studying to be a dentist appears to be the main reason the Sheriff decided to display incredible and irresponsible leniency meaning the abuser will avoid being placed on the sex offenders register. This simply cannot be right or justice. Decisions on punishments for individuals found guilty of crimes is rightly the domain of judges and sheriffs but when those individuals get things as spectacularly wrong as Sheriff Gerald Sinclair has the elected government must at least order a thorough investigation and review to retain public confidence in the justice system. This petition demands such a review and calls on the Justice Minister Humza Yousaf to order the review into the case decision and the fitness of Sheriff Gerald Sinclair to continue to be a Sheriff in Scotland given this wholly unacceptable decision.