Government suppression of civil liberties must end!

Government suppression of civil liberties must end!

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Martin Blackshaw started this petition to Scottish Government

It has become very evident recently that the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has chosen to politicise the Covid-19 virus by refusing to co-operate with the UK government in its efforts to begin lifting restrictions on "lockdown" for at least many more weeks, possibly months. There is also a strange rhetoric emanating from Holyrood about a "new normal" in our lives, rhetoric that should worry all who value freedom and human rights, not to mention the economy.

At the time of writing, deaths in Scotland from suspected Covid-19 stand at around 2,200 from a population of around 5.5 million, a figure that can hardly be construed as the plague upon us requiring the severest of measures never before witnessed in the history of our nation.

Of deaths recorded, no distinction is made between those dying 'with' Covid-19 and those dying 'from' Covid-19, nor indeed is distinction made between Covid-19 deaths and deaths from other respiratory illnesses such as seasonal flu. Further confusion and conflation in respect to numbers is resulting from an absence of clarity from government and the media as to exactly what categories in the population are most at risk, generally supposed to be the very old and those with compromised immune systems. This latter obscurity is likely the result of post mortem examinations being largely suspended.

In addition to all of this, it has emerged that the Scottish Government misled the public about the numbers of elderly people decanted from hospitals back to care homes in order to free up NHS beds in expectation of an explosion of Covid-19 cases that never happened. This scandal has raised suspicion in many minds that numerous elderly people have died in care homes as a consequence of this policy, which was accompanied by other such dangerous novelties as suspending vital treatments for those with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

The upshot of this abandonment of our elderly and sick is that 40% of NHS beds in the UK are presently empty for the first time in decades, a human tragedy that hit home on May 11 when, during the Downing Street daily Coronavirus briefing to the press, England's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, declared that for the majority of people Covid-19 is harmless.

Professor Neil Ferguson of University College London, the man who initiated "lockdown" in both the UK and the U.S. has a twenty year history of presenting apocalyptic death counts to government upon the outbreak of a virus.

His computer generated "model" relating to the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001 resulted in the slaughter of 6.5 million healthy animals in the UK, devastating rural Britain and costing the taxpayer £10 billion. Likewise in 2002, in 2005 and again in 2009, in relation to BSE, Bird Flu and Swine Flu respectively, his "models" predicted tens of thousands, in some cases millions, of deaths that ultimately failed to materialise. On this occasion he predicted 520,000 dead in the UK from Covid-19 and 2.2 million dead in the U.S. Thankfully, these figures have also proved irresponsible and reckless.

It is noteworthy that Professor Ferguson has recently resigned as scientific advisor to the government following revelations that he twice broke the lockdown rules he insisted the rest of us must obey. This surely demonstrates that the man was never convinced by his own work and advice.

As antibody testing is now beginning to reveal, Covid-19 was in the population much longer than was first believed and had a spread up to 85 times greater than first thought, rendering "lockdown" useless. The non-lockdown example of Sweden, with a population of around the same as Scotland, testifies to this emerging fact.

I have recorded as much as I can here to demonstrate that our Scottish Government overstepped its authority by suppressing the civil liberties of the Scottish people and setting their economic future on a lemming-like race to the cliff edge.

We simply cannot and must not allow these elected officials, elected to office, not to power, to continue to use the media to terrify the nation's population into sacrificing their rights and future. Nor indeed can we permit this "new normal", whatever they mean by this, to become part of our Scottish way of life.

Enough is enough! Official statistics, conflated as they are by numerical trickery, testify that Covid-19 is NOT the threat to our lives that these elected bureaucrats are trying by every means to impress upon us.

They have taken away our freedom and quite possibly our economic future by using the Police to harass and oppress the public, enforcing house arrest and criminalising law abiding citizens by means of mobile phone tracking, drones and other surveillance methods such as neighbourhood reporting, all such tactics belonging properly to brutal Communist regimes like China, North Korea and the former Soviet Union.

Now there is talk of "track and trace", of "mandatory vaccinations" and even of removing family members suspected of having the virus from their families for designated quarantine. These are all very worrying government infringements of our inalienable human rights in a free country.   

Most concerning of all, however, is the suppression of all public religious worship, a fundamental human right and essential source of spiritual and psychological wellbeing within the nation. Again, this brutal suppression of religion as opposed to a measured health and safety approach reflects more the methods of Communist dictatorships than democratic governments. This is unacceptable in any free country under any pretext and it must end now!

In fine, we the undersigned demand that our government cease immediately these undemocratic measures that are suppressing our freedom and killing our future. We demand that this "lockdown" be removed immediately in light of statistical and scientific evidence demonstrating that Covid-19 is no more dangerous to the population than a bad flu year, bearing in mind the 1968 Hong Kong flu that killed 80,000 in the UK.

If government continues to use the media to spread terror in the population with a view to maintaining public approval for this unprecedented suppression of our rights and civil liberties, then the people will take it upon themselves to put government out of office as it deserves for daring to usurp to itself a power and authority that has not been given it by the electorate.

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