Equal rights for all children staying on in education

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Children aged 16-19 can apply for EMA if they are staying on at school or college. This is basically an attendance allowance which means they get paid £30 per week for 100% attendance. Great incentive to get our kids to further theyr education right? Not all of them unfortunately. It seems that hard working families are going to see their child/Children go without because of their earnings. If you have 1 dependant and your household income is above 24 thousand or more than 1 dependant and hav a household income above 26 thousand then your child will get nothing! 

Expenditure does not come into it, I'm sure as my family are, a lot of other families hav a household income above the 26 thousand but have a lot of outgoings too, I cannot afford to give my child an extra £30 per week for attending school, however some of her peers will be getting this from the government. 

All children should be treated equally regardless of their parents income, if it's good enough for one it should be good enough for all!