Allow Essential Visits to All Patients in Intensive Care Scotland With Safety Precautions

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Our Gill is still in intensive care fighting for her life. Gillian was allowed home to wait for her liver transplant (non-alcohol related, as that’s the first thing people ask), 8 weeks ago with no proper care put in place. We got her what she needed as we went along, with a fight.

Gillian has been in hospital for a week now, in and out of an induced coma and sedated daily while she keeps her fighting spirit alive.

She has not had one visit from any of her siblings and most importantly her Mum. We are not allowed to see her.

I understand the need to protect her, patients and staff in critical care. I don’t understand the contradicting laws being forced upon us over night. We can still go to work to keep the economy going ect ect but the human touch my sister needs is being denied.

We have asked the powers that be to look into this disgusting deprivation of her basic needs but it has fell on deaf ears.

It is entirely safe, reasonable and acceptable to allow a designated visitor to be there for her, with the proper precautions, even if they have to stay in the hospital grounds for the foreseeable. No one is going to be more cautious than a loved one.

The staff looking after her, are of course doing their best under the mental conditions they are forced to work under, added pressure of the work that this denial of human rights is forcing on them is disgusting.

Whatever our beliefs, opinions, agreements and disagreements on Covid, I’m sure some of us can agree that what’s happening now is nothing short of a genocide with the finger of blame turned on each other.

This is doing Gillian and other patients more harm than good, we are looking to find other families, friends ect who are willing to come together and force change on this. Our petition to the Scottish Government is “awaiting approval”. 

We don’t have time for approvals.