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Assure EU immigrants, who have been in the U.K. For more than 5 years that they can stay.

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Please sign this petition to help your friends, colleagues feel save and secure that they won't need to pack their bags and leave their homes and to back to they homeland.

My name in Lukasz, I am 28 years of ago, born in Poland. I came here for the first time when I was 14 for holiday, then decided to come here for good to study and live with my family.

Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom is my home. I have got a degree, stable job, which requires being fluent in English and Polish. All my friend and family are here, I've been for 12 years, barely visit my mother country because THIS is my home and I cannot imagine to live anywhere else. Scotland has made me feel welcomed here since I have arrived for the first time, never in my life heard anything racist towards me and education, health system and the whole nation has supported my so much, thank I would like to thank so much for everything, that I have got years in my eyes. I do not think that I would be who I am now, if I would stay back in Poland. Moving to my HOME, was the best decision in my life.

I have never claimed any benefits, I have never begged in the street, neither the rest of my family. The only support I was given is a student loan from SAAS. Unfortunately my parent would not afford to send my to Univerisity if we would stay in Poland. We do not steal 'your', jobs - we do those kind of jobs that you don't want to do. Yes, there as some exceptions, but that is not the point. We pay taxes and we give more than we actually take.

What is my point? After you have decided that you wish to leave the EU (Brexit), we do not feel safe anymore. My brother got recently got married and they have bought a new house, will he have to sell it? Will I have to leave the country with my family to a place where I was born but it is not my home? Will I have to leave all my friends and my job?

Will my grandmother or my aunt will have to apply for a visa in order to come and visit us for a week? What is going on? What is going to happen? Why we are not provided with enough information about the whole process?

I could have apply for a U.K. Citizenship 7 years ago (cost around £1.200), but I've always rather spend that money and spent on travels, that's my passion, discovering new places and cultures. My question is. Should I apply for a passport now then?

Please support this petion, so we could stay in our home. Let us feel safe assuring us that Europeans who has been here for at least 5 years, will be able to stay.

Much love!

Thank you in advance for your support.


Lukasz Garstka




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