Make burglars face mandatory jail sentences

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On a daily basis burglars are caught and are allowed to walk free from court, using excuses like poverty, drug use and other inexcusable tales of woe to manipulate judges/juries.

Burglary in the U.K. has basically been turned into a petty crime that courts now simply refuse to properly punish. Victims are left with psychological damage, stolen property, damage to their houses and dragged to court repeatedly whilst the perpetrator delays his guilty plea causing further misery to the victims. Burglars are often calculating and will target certain households these include houses where women or elderly residents reside as they don't have the guts to confront men who usually can at least fight back! on occasions burglars have robbed houses been confronted by the home owners and gone on to assault the home owners, in some cases burglars have even killed their victims to avoid detection and have also murdered family pets out of frustration. This simply wont do.

Drug users often use their criminal behaviour as an excuse as to why they should avoid prison sentences. This is simply unnaceptable and needs amended, drug use particularly of class A drugs is a crime! That drug users see it as an excuse for criminal behaviour is simply laughable. Most avoid jail and are sent of 'drug rehabilitation' courses of which typically have very very poor success rates which just further wastes taxpayers money. 

All burglars should receive mandatory 2 year sentences regardless of prior convictions! and any further burglary crimes should simply be doubled. If the burglar is caught robbing or having robbed 3 houses the first conviction should be 2 years, the second 4 years and the 3rd 8 years, further crimes or theft including theft whilst in prison should result in a life sentence of 25 years.

Drug treatment programmes can be done within the confines of prison, there is no excuse at all for this not to happen. 

Burglary is a serious crime it deserves a mandatory sentence and those caught should have to work (in prison) to pay off the theft and damage done to people's property. 

Our politicians/courts need to learn burglary will simply not be tolerated in a civilised society. 

Please sign the petition and send the message that we will no longer be tolerating such lenient sentences for such a crime.

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