Help make our school more sustainable!

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Petition to SBC:

The pupils and staff of Kelso High School ask that the council provide recycling bins in areas outside, where pupils are expected to eat, as well as more recycling bins in the canteen.

In addition, we ask that they supply a biodegradable or reusable alternative to the current wet wipes being used by every student to clean the desks and chairs.

The climate and ecological crisis has not gone away just because we are living through a pandemic. In many ways the situation has been worsened with the widespread reliance on single-use PPE. Consequently, the time to act to prevent ecological catastrophe continues to be right now.

Schools must set an example to students as to what is sustainable behaviour. The council is failing to provide KHS with the means to do this. Please consider our request for it would be one small step on this long journey to curb our community’s impact on the environment.

Please do this for all of us.

Signed by,

The staff and pupils of KHS.