Pardon innocent man with no evidence at all!!

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A very close friend of mine for many moons have been found guilty last night. His crime was 2nd degree sexual assault of his aunt. Yes you heard me his aunt !!! He is 38 and shes like almost 60 I take it. He has 4 children and is married . His 4 children were sound asleep when the alleged victim was supposedly screaming bloody murder. The place this had happen was a remote campground that had contained alot of family members . The owners that ran the place even had a place on the grounds of the establishment. Evidence taken like articles of clothing from the defendant was mishandled by local police. When an item is bagged by the crime scene personnel or local authorities, it goes through certain procedures. One of those procedures is to sign the bag you put the so called evidence in. The evidence came back from the state with a different signature than the person bagging it. The local authorities also stated the defendant had worn gray shorts. They had pulled black ones out with again a different signature of who had bagged it on day one. The jury was compromised of small town folk with a small town mindset. Jurors that made the decision were even asked if they would have a problem making a decision. Some said yes and even remained on the panel.  Seems like they made their mindset from the begining. They were not supposed to lookup the case or discuss it. We all know how that goes. Small communities know everyone. So small that even the defendants father had known the victim. The victim which is a female of coarse, is the sister of the defendants father. Small enough town yet. The population for this area is roughly 27,000. Thats alot of "This is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl". The evidence from DNA was not found.  No blood or surveillance from the campground or from the local and state authorities was found. There were so many inconsistencies on the case. It was still unclear who the arresting officer was. A female officer said that she had arrested the defendant when it was actuallly another male officer. The state cane back and stated no DNA. The judge had stated no penis to vagina contact. Thats a huge difference!!! They are basing a guilty verdict off of the victims testimony and that only. The jury was only asked if they knew my freind and not the victims side of family. Half of them knew my freinds side. This is where the smalI town syndrome comes into play. I was also there to see how  ludicrous the testimonies were and how his attorney bashed them and made the people testifying look dumbfounded. When the DA had spoken, the defendants attorney kept objecting. The judge wouldnt even consider any objections and allowed the DA to rant and pursuade the jury. How can anyone fight for their life if not allowed our basic constitutional right of free speech? The judge had made rice Krispy treats for the jury. Who knows if he badgered the jury to make a decision. It was a 4 to 8 split and in literally a minute he was found guilty. In the end the judge as well as the state defense  even stated no evidence was found but yet the jurors that all knew the victim somehow made their mind set. The victims marriage was on the rocks and had to concoct some fabricated story to save her marriage. Hell the victim has even went far enough to grab up a new camper because the old one was too traumatic. Sounds like a marriage saver there folks. The wife and I should sell our home because the defendant had too many burgers and hot dogs and played gleefully, with our children in the backyard. So many memories in our yard with the defendant. Phew!!! Hemmingway I know tons of people that will stand for this man . I am one of them for sure. I am looking for people that will stand for an innocent man that was just stripped of his life with no sound evidence . Who will stand with me? I am a loss for words .........this goes on all across America. I would rather set 9 guilty men or women free then have 1 innocent found guilty. This would be that case. We all miss ya man. Thank you all and Godspeed -----------

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