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Heroin overdosing should get the opinion of drug court and rehabilitation!

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I am a recovering addict myself and I'm sick of seeing all of my friends die. As long as the person who calls for help doesn't get in trouble, I think the person who overdoses and needs EMS to come and help bring them back need to be given the option of drug court and forced to get clean so they realize what they are doing to themselves.... It all boils down to not wanting to change! One thing that makes us living things is the ability to adapt, the war on drugs has done nothing but overpopulated prisons and make people not be able to see a better future... once you have a record, you're screwed, I get it, so have the charges be able to be removed from your record so you can go on with your life and end up a doctor or psychotherapist or even a Government official?! Who knows?!!?!?!?!!!! Division of vocational rehabilitation center is so underutilized and that's where tax payers money should go, not to 3 hots and a cot for someone who cannot help the chemical imbalance that drugs have caused them! Most addicts are mentally ill before they use, they are just self medicating!!! I  don't want to admit how many times I have had to call for help after giving Narcan and rescue breathing for 20 minutes and the cops were more focused on me and how they got high than the person who is overdosed!!!! Too many of my generation is dying from this epidemic and charging the dealer when they die just makes it so the other dealers can charge more $$!!!! It's the person's mental I'll they either had before they used or the chemical imbalance they caused by using that made them pick it up.... I have never overdosed unless I really wanted to die and at that point it was a cry for help!!! Nothing else has worked so why don't we try something else? So do more than just pray for the addicts, sign this petition so they get a wake up call!!!! Thank you for your time! Please like anshare!!!!!!! 

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