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Get rid of the MILWAUKEE SECURE DETENTION FACILITY in Downtown milwaukee, wisconsin

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In downtown milwaukee, wisconsin, sits a prison that, from the outside, looks like a typical downtown business. However, inside of this building, is another building that houses "offenders" who are on probation or parole holds for various reasons. Upon viewing the information from the Wisconsin DOC, people are led to believe this is a temporary holding facility that generally holds offenders for 90 days or less. It is also classified as a minimum or medium security prison. However, being the fact that it is a building built inside of another building, offenders being allowed out of there cells for just a couple hours a day and on some units not even that, this is more of a maximum security prison. Offenders are being held in this building for up to 18 months, receiving no sunlight what so ever. There are no resources to obtain any type of college courses or things of nature to better help offenders make the best of there situation and better themself before being returned to the community. Friends and family are only able to visit the loved ones through what is called a "televisit" witch means visits are through a t.v screen and only for 1 hour. They occasionally have the ability to have a 3 hour visit if the can come be for 11:30am and there is a open booth. Being that there are only two visiting booths per unit and each unit housing approximately 50 inmates only gives a select few inmates a longer visit. The medical staff here are highly unprofessional and countless things occur in this facility that are literally hidden from public knowledge. All one would have to do is get testimony from "any" of the thousands upon thousand of men and women who have been houses in this building for any period of time. I personally watched a man "Michael Moore" literally bleed to death after a complication stemming from a surgery, because in my eyes, and in the eyes of the individuals who also seen this happen, the lack of organization and effectiveness of the officers and the medical staff at the facility. To make a very long story short...lack of proper medical care, unprofesionalism of staff of all categories, having zero sunlight for 18 months if not longer at times, lack of programming to better individuals who find themselves incarcerated, lack of any type of movement, lack of proper exercise, lack of visitation, this facility needs major change or to just be shut down period!

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