Change Medical Malpractice Laws In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin's Medical Malpractice Laws need to change. My mother Gail Mathews died on November 26, 2016 due to medical malpractice. She was not provided the care she deserved and was failed by the doctors who were working with her. What could have been a simple procedure that would have saved her life turned into anyone's worst nightmare by my mother dying because doctors kept misdiagnosing her and missed what was really wrong. I have medical records to prove my case and I know similar situations have happened to other families in the state of Wisconsin. I want to propose a rewrite of the law to at least include all children, adult or minor and spouses can sue for medical malpractice with no cap for what can be paid out. Right now only children who are minors and spouses can sue for a maximum of $750,000 with very few cases ever being heard due to the laws that are in place since lawyers dont want to take them. The doctors have too much protection for their mistakes and need to held accountable. This needs to change immediately. Its not fair to the families that have to go through this ordeal. We have to go on without the lives of people we love that should still be here. I just want these people who are trusted to provide care and to save lives to be held accountable for when they make mistakes and the current law isnt doing that. Please make this change!!!