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ASL classes offered in all schools

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In the United states alone, there are approximately 10 million hard of hearing individuals and an estimated 1 million Deaf individuals. One of the problems that Deaf/HoH people face is the communication barrier between those that are hearing and those that are Deaf/HoH. This problem comes from the lack of ASL classes offered to children and adults. ASL is a language that should be offered in k4-12th grade for all students, not just those who are Deaf/HoH. Finding schools that offer ASL are few and far between. 

I care about this cause because I have a 7 year old who was born with a progressive hearing loss. We have struggled with ASL because of the lack of resources and classes offered. Below I have pasted text from the NAD (National Association of the Deaf) website.

"Developments in the field of linguistics and an emerging body of research in education have validated the historical views of the NAD on ASL and its value in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children. The inherent capability of children to acquire ASL should be recognized and used to enhance their cognitive, academic, social, and emotional development. Accordingly, the NAD supports the bilingual approach for deaf and hard of hearing children. Deaf and hard of hearing children must have the right to receive early and full exposure to ASL as a primary language, along with English. Studies have shown that when deaf and hard of hearing children are exposed to ASL at an early age, they are given the opportunity to reach their full potential."

Thank you, Heather Fisher.

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