Bring Isabella Dominguez home where she belongs. ..

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I want to bring my little girl home where she is not only loved but wanted, she was loved way before she even started growing in my womb from the moment we planned her. It's not right and in no way what is in her best interest to take her from the family that even after 3 years of fighting despite the fact that our rights have been terminated, we refuse to give up and will continue to fight to bring her home where she belongs. We will also fight for justice to be served and the evil lying  caseworker responsible for the agony my family has endured will not get away with her lies and will be held accountable and disiplinary actions will be taken to punish her. I know no matter what her punishment could be,  she still will have no idea how extremely painful this has been and how it took everything I had to not give up based on the horror that I was living every day I was separated from my precious little girl. Only a sadistic person could be ok with the pain she not only inflicted on us but the trama she had no problem inflicting on an innocent child. In her personal attack that became quite obvious she had taken against me .I refuse to let this caseworker do to anyone else what she has to me as well as my family.  So please stand with me in making sure she is not able to have the ability to work in this field of work any longer because destroying 1 family was to much let's stop her from destroying anymore innocent people's lives. 

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