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New Zealand supermarkets to stop the supply of single-use plastic bags

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Australian supermarket groups Woolworths and Coles recently announced they are phasing out plastic bags over the next 12 months. Which is great but we believe we can do better!


The information around single use plastic bags in the environment is overwhelmingly strong... So why wait? Supermarkets are wanting a nationwide legislative change before they make a commitment. Let's support them in that and do it faster than 12 months in the meantime


Every day we delay another 4,383,561 bags are in the environment of New Zealand and travelling beyond. That's not just our own landfills but also waterways and heavily impacts fish and mammals. Did you know the Wellington City Council spent $20,000 on a fence around the Southern Landfill to help prevent loose plastic bags leave the premises... Plastic bags are an issue which affect our lives in more ways than are immediately obvious!


Let's show our support for not having plastic bags freely available and instead allow alternatives to sweep into our lives - either make your own, use what you have, buy a couple, or check out your local Boomerang Bags group to get involved and divert not just textile landfill but prevent plastic bag use as well. 


The convenience of plastic bags at the checkout is only a 12-minute thing (average use is 12-20mins) and there are plenty of alternative bin liner options so that is not a good enough reason to keep them around.


This isn't about maintaining convenience it's about doing what's right - be a part and Just Do It. 

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