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Arrest Sacramento County Child Protective Services social worker Isidro Ruiz

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Hello. My name is Dave Gaines. I am the chief executive officer of the Sacramento Autistic Spectrum and Special Needs Alliance, a small non-profit organization that provides social services to youth with different mental diagnoses within the Greater Sacramento region. I myself am on the autistic spectrum and have obsessive compulsive disorder. I also have a bachelor's degree, and a graduate school education in psychology and applied behavior analysis. Recently, my organization has received a series of requests for assistance from mothers of autistic youth that have been removed from parental custody by Child Protective Services. These youth were not removed due to any abuse or neglect by the mothers. Rather, all of the youth were removed strictly because of challenging behaviors that they exhibited that are related to them being young people on the autistic spectrum. I have been directly working these cases myself, advocating for the best outcome of the youth and the mothers. On Friday, January 16, 2015, at approximately 1:30PM, as I was walking into the Sacramento County Child Protective Services building in order to talk with a client of mine who was waiting in the public lobby, CPS social worker Isidro Ruiz unlawfully attempted to prevent me from entering the building and talking to my client, and as I continued into the building he stated to me that he would make me "hit the pavement". By " hit the pavement", Ruiz meant that he would physically assault me. A group of CPS employees were standing nearby and I immediately exclaimed what Isidro Ruiz had said to me. The employees showed no concern and some of them even laughed at me. I then quickly left the building with my client and called the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department to request an officer come to the scene. Officer R. Limpach (badge # 902 ) was the first of three to arrive. From the very beginning, Officer Limpach talked to me disrespectfully and he laughed at me as well. Then Officer Limpach spoke with Isidro Ruiz and CPS supervisor Kristi Adams. Limpach then returned to me and said that Ruiz had broken no law, and Limpach told me to leave and that I would be arrested if I ever returned to the building. Of course, I left. After examining California state statute, I believe that Ruiz violated California Penal Code 422 PC, which defines the crime of criminal threatening (previously known as terroristic threatening). I find it outrageous that Ruiz was not arrested for threatening to physically assault me. Perhaps this was because the sheriff's department and Child Protective Services are both Sacramento County agencies and they are "covering" for each other. Sheriff Scott Jones, does being a County employee exempt an individual from the criminal laws of the State of California? And Mr. Jones, does the fact that I am calling to task Child Protective Services's treatment of autistic youth and their mothers exempt me from the Constitution's equal protection under the law? This petition is to Sacramento County Sheriff Scott R. Jones to request that he have his department arrest Isidro Ruiz for criminally threatening me, a violation of California Penal Code 422 PC. While this petition is open for anybody to sign, it is important to get as many Sacramento County residents as possible to sign it. This is because these residents have the power of the vote over the elected Sheriff. Come next election, I ask that the voters keep in mind Scott Jones's handling of this matter. Thank you for reading this petition.

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