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Chemtrails affect all of us. Chemtrails are plumes of toxic chemicals spewed from jets that greatly diminish the sunlight, destroy trees, contaminate water supplies, contaminate food grown outdoors, and float into the brains and bodies of all living things on earth. reports that independent testing results show the components of these aerosols being unwillingly dropped down on us. These gigantic jets are dropping aerosols made up of heavy metals such as aluminum, barium, titanium, and mercury. This has caused a new disease to arise called chemtrail lung, and it is becoming more and more common. It first affects the lungs and then begins to spread to the brain. Think of the devastating effects this is having on our children, our elderly, and even adults in general. Activists across the world have alerted the masses to the extreme health risks of these blanketed sprays. They point to major increases in asthma, upper respiratory diseases, and have even found links to diminished brain cognitive function and heart disease.

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