Reduce fossil fuel emissions in the Port of Miami

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Cruises are known as fun ways to relax and get to see the world – but what if that fun is coming at the expense of our health and the planet?

A recent report found that one cruise ship produces the same amount of emissions as 1 million cars. Now consider the pollution in major cruise ship ports like Miami, where I live.

Sign my petition asking the Port of Miami to require cruise ships take measures to reduce their emissions.

Cruise ships use heavy oil, which is so toxic that on land it’s treated as hazardous waste. And these ships aren’t even implementing any exhaust abatement technologies like mufflers, which are required for trucks and passenger cars. This is not only a threat to the health of those riding on and living around these ships, it’s a threat to our planet.

Living near the biggest cruise ship port in the world, my family and I are exposed to this pollution every day, and it needs to stop. If we can pressure the Port of Miami to require mufflers for all ships which enter the port, other big ports might follow their lead.

When it comes to protecting the future of our planet, none of us get to take a vacation, not even the cruise ship industry. Join me in demanding that they protect their customers and the planet.