Help fund for people affected by Kilauea Volcano!

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On May 2nd, the Kilauea Volcano erupted on the Big Island of Hawaii, sending a plume of volcanic ash into the sky and lava flows down into the towns and forests in the nearby area. As of May 7th, 27 buildings and several public roads have been destroyed by lava flows. National authorities issued a mandatory evacuation order for about 1,800 residents due to the ongoing lava eruptions. Tourists and locals have fled the island due to the extremely dangerous volcanic gases. The greatest concern is the safety of the children's health now impacted by the sulfur dioxide in air, which imposes irreversible sequealea´s.  

Please help us by donating to the relief of the people and environment of Hawaii as a result of the destruction by the Kilauea Volcano Eruption.  Even the smallest act of help is greatly appreciated by those who have lost everything.

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