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Chlorpyrifos are back on the menu

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The Environmental Protection Agency has failed you again in the past 71 days. 

By reinstating the pesticide chlorpyrifos, or Lorsban, the EPA is putting every citizen's health at danger.


Chlorpyrifos are proven to have long term effects on people exposed to the chemical. So much so that they banned chlorpyrifos from domestic use over a decade ago. Now, recent studies have showed sufficient evidence that exposure to Lorsban is a health threat proving lower IQ for children exposed as well as nervous system damage . EPA conducted studies under the Obama Administration and concluded the chemical was better off the market. 

Other studies show that prenatal exposure risk fetal brain and nervous system development.

The risks ultimately outweighed the benefits of this pesticide. But Scott Pruitt, along with Sheryl Kunickis of the Office of Pest Management Policy of the USDA, seem to think American lives are okay to put at risk. 

This pesticide is found heavily in strawberries, peaches, many citrus trees, as well as potatoes and broccoli. 

I ask that we stand together to protect our health, the health of our children and our community. We are asking the EPA as well as the USDA to take chlorpyrifos off the market immediately and stand to protect the health of the people. 

Sprayed pesticide can be spread by water and can be picked up by wind to areas of residency. These exposures of the chemical to marine and human life are ultimately too dangerous to leave to Mr. Pruitt's "sound science" logic. 

Please, do not allow Mr. Pruitt to put toxic on our plates. 

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