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Scott residents should be able to walk leashed dogs in Scott Park

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Scott Township residents should be able to walk leashed and registered dogs in Scott Park. 

  • An expanded dog presence in our parks could significantly enhance the goose-control program.  According to simple scare tactics such as plastic coyotes and things that don’t move are only short-term solutions.  Geese are quickly lose their fear of such devices.
  • Walking dogs in the park would add to the safety and well-being of owners who now walk their pets on busy streets.  This is especially evident on streets such as Lindsay Road which is lined on both sides with parked cars and has much car and bus traffic.  
  • Dog walking actually promotes public health and safety.  Well exercised dogs are better neighbors who are less likely to bark excessively and destroy property.  Their presence in the park can also help deter crime and vandalism.
  • This promotes a sense of community.  It allows dog owners a place to meet and talk with other people of common interests.  The love people have for their pets goes beyond economic and social barriers.
  • Do other surrounding communities allow dogs in their parks? Upper Saint Clair, Mount Lebanon, Carnegie and Collier all have parks that allow leashed dogs in their parks.  When speaking with township officials, they all noted that they do NOT have a problem with Canadian geese and that the leashed dogs do NOT produce much additional maintenance as they all have waste stations available. 
    The Board adopted Ordinance 823 in 1971 stating that walking dogs is a “public nuisance and a threat to the safety and welfare of the citizenry.”   This is a dated opinion that is inconsistent with area communities.  Walking leashed dogs in the park would be a benefit as to help control the goose population, enhance the cleanliness and safety of those areas, and further the safety and well-being of dog owners.  Allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of our parks with their pets will certainly enhance the dog-friendly reputation of our community and make it more attractive to current residents and prospective buyers who own dogs. 



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