Why not use Supertanker 747 to fight bushfires in Australia.

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The Bushfires in Australia are out of control. People's lives and properties are at risk  and millions of animals are perishing!

We cannot control the weather, but we can better control the fires, and we need massive and immediate counteract now !

The Super-Tanker - is amongst the most powerful firefighting airplanes in the world - it can hold over 68,000 litres of water or fire-retardant, and can refill within 30 minutes - this airplane can do the job much faster & more efficiently than any other firefighting tool, and has already stopped many large scale fires across the world !

It can spread a massive amount of water over vast bushfire areas, and can be deployed within only a number of hours - arriving from different countries across the globe.

The cost of the Supertanker usage is apparently quite high, yet considering our State of Emergency situation, it is definitely worth a serious consideration !