Tougher punishments for animal cruelty

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There is currently no national law governing animal cruelty punishments. Each state handles it differently and has different punishments.

The punishments are never enough. People are getting away with doing heinous things to animals and getting nothing but a slap on the wrist.

This country needs to step up and start protecting the innocent animals lives. Why should punishments for hurting animals be different to hurting people? Animals feel pain the same way we do. Enough is enough.

Australia needs to have national laws that every single state must adhere to and they must be tough. People need to be adequalty punished for their crimes against animals.

We feel sick every time an animal cruelty case is shown in the news, and everyone always comments about how the punishment is basically non existent, but there’s never anything we can do about it. Now there is.

Please sign and share this petition so that we can get this acknowledged by the government. 

It is time we took action.