Tougher Penalties for Dangerous Drivers

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Time and time again we witness the loss of innocent lives due to the irresponsible stupidity of selfish drivers who are behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Furthermore, this irresponsible behaviour sadly continues due to the silence and negligence of authorities and MPs, who aren’t doing enough to keep these people off our roads. 
Get caught speeding and you can lose your license on the spot. Get caught driving under the influence and we’ll see you in court in a couple of weeks or months. In the meantime try not to kill anyone!!

The idiotic driver who killed Adam Ghoz had previously been caught driving under the influence and was due to appear in court the day after the tragedy. Too little too late! Slap on the hand now and before you know it he’ll be behind the wheel again. 

What will it take for MPs to wake up and toughen the the penalties to have these irresponsible drivers immediately off our roads. Till one of your own dies? 

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