The immediate release of a portion of our superannuation

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As you may be aware Australia and the entire world is in a never-before-seen and dire situation due to the world-wide pandemic of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) which is not being helped due to ineffective and delayed action from our leaders.

With the share-market going into a complete free-fall and with no forseeable end in sight, this is decimating millions of hard working Australian's mandatory superannuation which is meant to be there to help the government to support us in our retirement.

The longer this continues and with few other options to move our superannuation nest eggs to further avoid losing our money I am asking for either all or a portion of OUR supernnuation to be released for those who:

  • Are having to go into mandatory or self-imposed quarantine
  • The millions who are losing their jobs on a daily basis
  • The elderly and the average workers who don't qualify for "Stimulus" payments because we are doing our bit for the country and contributing by working and diligently paying our taxes
  • Anyone who has superannuation and requires their money at this time to assist them to get though this unprecedented situation

With the rate and speed that our superannuation is being eroded due to this being just the start of the virus making an impact on Australia, some strong and direct action is needed to be taken NOW or the whole country will soon have a way bigger problem than lack of toilet paper especially with the onset of winter and the flu season.

Some of these problems will include:

  • Rates of homelessness sky-rocketing
  • Huge scale unemployment
  • Businesses closing and whole industries getting wiped out
  • Future goverment budgets remaining in never before seen deficits 
  • Higher taxes
  • People still attending work due to not being able to financially support themselves and further spreading the virus
  • The country experiencing a recession like never before
  • Hospitals being over-run with patients
  • Mass fatalities
  • The aging population relying on 100% government funded pensions because all of their superannuation would have been wiped out and more

By releasing a portion of OUR superannuation this will help to ease the pressure on the whole country, the ever increasing workers who are getting laid off as a direct result of this virus, inevitably ease the future financial burden on the government and avoid the spread of the virus and panic by allowing people to self-quarantine as directed by the government.

To help actually generate some real change I am urging everyone to sign this petition, share it far and wide across Australia and get in contact your local member of parliament to express this message and get our supernnuation released NOW before there's nothing left.

Thank you