Stop Women from Dying and Keep Them Safe

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In Australia 7 women have died at the hands of their partner or someone they knew in the past 8 days.  In 2017, the number of women who died due to violence was 53 and we have already passed that number this year with a total of 55 women who died due to violence. Enough is enough!!  Women in Domestic Violence relationships or family violence relationships need to be protected and the Government is not doing enough.  Laws need to be change and tighter. Police need more education on domestic violence, there needs to be more education in schools and in communities.  Jail time given to anyone who is charged with domestic and family violence needs to be longer.  It should no longer be a slap on the wrist or an AVO that does nothing and is not enforced.  More people need the ankle bracelet and we need more resource for people in domestic violence situations such as refuges, temporary accommodation, finances and support places!!!!  Enough is enough.  How many more deaths is it going to take before something is done?  Let's make the government finally pay attention to this important issues and let them know that we are tired of the injustice!!!