Stop the spread of COVID19. Lock down Australia SCOMO

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Drastic times call for drastic measures. Let’s slow the rate of transmission of COVID19 in Australia and give our health system, health care workers and the high risk members of our community a chance to survive this. 
We need to limit exposure NOW. Every day counts. Let’s lock it down Australia, self isolate and minimise the Death toll.

Yes the financial impact will be huge and businesses are struggling, but it will be worse if we do nothing! How is money more important than human lives? Corona virus is here, infections are inevitable so it’s a matter of HOW we deal with it and when. We need to take self isolation more seriously NOW if we are going to survive this. 

If you extrapolate the numbers of infections to date and forecast future cases, in 60 days time Australia could have as many as 60,000 cases of COVID19. Yes most cases are mild however if 20% of those 60,000 people require hospitalisation, that’s 12,000 ICU beds in the space of a few weeks. There is no way our health system with cope and therefore thousands of people will die unnecessarily.

March 7 there were 100,000 cases worldwide. 14 days later, today on March 21 there are 250,000 cases world wide! 150,000 new cases in 2 weeks. Where will we be in another 2 weeks from today?

Sign this petition to get the Australian Government to wake up and stop denying the inevitable. Slow the spread today!