AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT- STOP inquiry into family court & GET serious about saving lives

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The Parliamentary Inquiry into the family court announced this week by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with Pauline Hanson as deputy chair, is an absolute joke and must not be allowed to go ahead.

Not only do we already know the answers to the issues with the family court, the government focusing on this instead of other issues such as implement the recommendations of previous inquiries and recommendations from other leading organisations, and not taking any action in regards to the domestic and family violence that is literally costing Australian people their lives every week, predominantly women and little tiny kids , they are totally ignoring. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... !

“Campaigners against family violence are outraged by the inquiry, saying it is driven by an agenda that questions the "reality of domestic violence". They note there have been two high profile, recent inquiries into the family law system. The Australian Law Reform Commission completed an inquiry in April, making 60 recommendations to the federal government. Parliament also conducted an inquiry as recently as December 2017”

“Domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty meanwhile has called on Labor and the Greens to block the inquiry - of which Senator Hanson is set to be deputy chair - saying it is "completely unacceptable" for "politicians with their own agendas" to lead parliamentary investigations”

Jess Hill - Journalist and author of “Look what you made me do” tweeted research included in her book which shows Pauline Hanson and other men’s rights groups statements that men are unfairly treated in family court, are committing suicide directly because of family court and sensational claims women often lie in family court to get custody of children, are factually incorrect and unfounded.

@JessHill tweet 6:28am 18/9/19

“One of the most thorough studies on false abuse allegations comes out of Canada. That found that non-custodial parents (usually fathers) made them most frequently (43% of the total) followed by neighbours and relatives (19%). Mothers - 14%. Children - 2%.”

“In an interview on ABC's Radio National on Wednesday, Senator Hanson said she was hearing "too many cases" where "parents are using domestic violence to stop the other parent from seeing their children". Asked if she was saying mothers were going into the Family Court and making up accusations of family violence, the One Nation leader replied, "I am".

“Senator Hanson was pressed several times by host Hamish Macdonald to provide evidence for her claim.”

“On Wednesday, Ms Batty, whose son Luke was killed by his father, told ABC Radio it was "completely unacceptable" to have another inquiry into the family law system.

"It is completely unacceptable for these politicians with their own agendas to head up any inquiry," she said, calling on Labor and the Greens to block the inquiry in the Senate.

"We know the failings, we need to start investing in this court system that is broken, overwhelmed and failing. And it is continuing to put families and particularly children in danger," Ms Batty said.

“The Senate is due to consider the inquiry on Wednesday afternoon. It is understood the Labor Party is currently considering its position. The Greens are strongly opposed to the inquiry, with the party's spokesperson for women, Larissa Waters, describing it as a "dangerous invitation to continue victim shaming, blaming and denial".

As of right now there is not one person sitting in a jail cell anywhere in Australia convicted of committing domestic and family violence, that's because they can't be, there is no specific law in Australia making domestic violence a criminal offence.
In numerous other countries including the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, France etc laws have been introduced making other forms of non-physical domestic and family violence criminal offences including coercive control and financial abuse.
Australia is way behind the rest of the western world in regards to protections for victims suffering domestic and family violence, with numerous academics and experts releasing research and recommendations showing the need for such laws to be introduced in Australia, how they could be introduced and why they need to be.

Domestic violence and family violence is costing the Australian tax payer billions of dollars funding programs and services to support people fleeing and trying to rebuild and suffering the effects of domestic and family violence.

People are dying - not just getting an unfair outcome from a courts - people are being murdered every damn week .... women, little tiny kids .......... where the hell is our priorities as a nation?

We need a Government willing to stand up and do the will of the people, get serious about domestic and family violence like the rest of the world has, have some balls and make the laws required to hold perpetrators accountable, implement the recommendations needed to make the family court effective and safe for both men, women and children - cease putting people at risk, specifically children, and while at it, stop making lots lawyers very rich -
The rhetoric that is backed up by the incorrect statements made by people like Hanson must stop.

Let’s walk the walk again when we say Australia is the lucky country - because as of right now, we are not the lucky country for everyone, we are far from lucky for victims of domestic and family violence and all of us adults are failing our children if we don’t stand together to demand a fair and effective family court process and laws to hold perpetrators of domestic and family violence accountable.

Men, women and children - stand together to make it better for all of us ... as Australians.

We urge the Australian Government to take note of what the people are saying - and, to remember this final point; not only do women make up half of the Australian population .... we make the boys that turn into men and - we can vote - and we will.

1) Ask the Australian Labour Party and the Greens to block this inquiry from commencing.

2) Demand that the Aust Government implement the recommendations of previous inquiries, and;

3) Australian Government must follow the other first world countries around the world and the recommendations of numerous experts and institutions including the ALRC - and immediately commence the process of making this specific act of domestic and family violence including all types of non-physical abuse- coercive control - a criminal offence in every state of Australia.

We have had enough of the bullshit. This country has a Government which is predominantly run by men? Have some balls then - and do your jobs.

** Inserts of quotes from The Age “Hanson says women lie about domestic violence to get kids in Family Court disputes” by By Judith Ireland
September 18, 2019 — 12.16pm

and ** Jess Hill twitter account: