Stop Sco-Mo pledging $$ to the US when farms in Australia are dying.

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We have so many rural areas in Australia that are suffering under drought conditions, and have endured massive fires, and yet our Prime Minister has pledged a massive $150mill over 5 years to support America's NASA program.

Where is the support for our farmers? The backbone of our existence. Trying to eke out an existence to provide meat, milk, fruit and vegetables for all of us. How many of them, and their children, have to go without what we take for granted just to survive. Water, clothing, sports, school equipment. How would you feel if you could not provide for your children?

Then, the animals and the crops. I live in a coastal area, usually lush and green, and had the opportunity to travel to Dubbo in March of this year. Every paddock was brown and dry, there were no crops, just dry, brown dirt paddocks. The animals in the paddocks looked like skeletons. So thin and weak. Cows, horses and sheep resembled a mad Halloween movie.

Please sign the petition to our PM and help make him realise that charity begins at home! $30mill per year to support our own farmers, our own communities, is not a stretch if our Government can easily afford it to support a NASA program. If you want to provide that much financial support to another country, while your own country is suffering and dying, maybe you should move there.

Mr Scott Morrison, I refrain from even addressing you as our Prime Minister, if you continue to ignore the problems in your own backyard, they will eventually bring YOUR house down.

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