Stop Deforestation Now and Save the Koalas from extinction

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We the Australian People, and People of the World, are calling for IMMEDIATE CESSATION of all logging currently taking place in Australia.

We demand that the remaining forests are protected urgently under a new law.

Australia is the most biodiverse place in the world and clearing native forests is no longer acceptable under any circumstances.

Australia is now among the worst 11 countries for deforestation, according to a new report by WWF.  And they predict the koala will be extinct by 2050.

A conservative estimate shows in Queensland alone 400 million trees a year have been cut down, in the last 6 years, and it is a figure that is only increasing. It is the government that is allowing this.

Scott Morrison we demand a new law be instated urgently to protect what we have left, to help bring our ecosystems back into balance and to give the koalas a chance of survival.

We ask for the urgent prioritisation of re-forestation, restoring ecosystems and tree planting.

"The experts at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital said there is no hope to save the koala as a species. The widespread deforestation allowed by federal and state governments has wiped out most of their habitat and the fire has taken over 1 million hectares. Surely we can unite to save this beautiful animal, an Australian icon. It's time the federal government stop deforestation. 50% of the country's eucalyptus forests are gone and they are still clearing. Koalas don't eat all eucalyptus species; only some. We need to preserve the habitat that is left" - FB post.