Scotty should volunteer in a school, show us they are safe.

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So schools are safe for students and teachers in Australia? Kids all over Australia  have been asked to take up a challenge while they are socially distancing. So why don't you too?

Accept a 14 day challenge and spend 14 days visiting schools across NSW and Queensland as schools are SAFE!! Safest place to be according to you. 

If schools are safe and no social distancing is required and it is safe for kids and adults to be there, prove it.

I will ask teachers to distance themselves from you in the classroom. Don't do a 5 minute pop in, spend lunch time and after lunch with us until home time with the kids.

If kids don't transmit to adults, come and prove it. 

Practice what you preach. You expect EVERY parent in Australia to send their child to school and then for that child to go home and NOT infect their families.

So come on Scotty, are you scared of kids or not? Parliament isn't open, schools are safe, come see us. 

Let us know which schools you are visiting on which days. 

We can't wait to see you.