say no to puppy farms!

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So you might have a dog, and you care for it and love it right, well imagine if your dog was forced to be stuck in a cage all day everyday to breed, and not getting the love and affection that they deserve.Dogs are man's best friend and we look after them, love them and care for them, but some people aren't.

Some people all over Australia have dogs locked in a cage  twenty four seven all day every day to breed and make money by selling the puppies. They make the female dogs sit in cages in dark sheds all day living in their own filth. They don't deserve to be treated like this, they need love and attention they don't deserve to be put in a cage with a bunch of other dogs until they can barely move. These dogs are being treated terribly and they dont deserve it.

We need to stop the people who are doing this and save all these poor helpless animals from their prisons and give them a good home and the love that they deserve. If you sign this you a taking us one step further to stopping puppy farms.

Thank you for reading

Robert Potts