Save Our World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains

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Our incredible World Heritage listed region is being destroyed. For weeks now our wildlife has been screaming for help and disappearing in front of our eyes. Our homes and villages are facing the BIG fire. Our community, including our local Government, have been calling for extraordinary measures to protect our region: with no effect. The Australian Government remains passive and absent. We need HELP!!! We need a properly designed and implemented crises management plan. We need a leader who will take responsibility for planning, organising and coordinating all bushfire related activities. NOW. 

To the Australian Prime Minister and the Premier of NSW,

Dear Prime Minister and Ms Berejiklian,

Please listen to scientists and Emergency Services Chiefs.
Please allocate additional Resources adequate to the scale of Danger.
Please present our Community with a Strategy and a plan for Crisis Management.

Over 80 000 people living in the Blue Mountains are facing an unprecedented threat. Last night the massive Gospers Mountain bushfire burning north-west of Sydney, was upgraded to an emergency warning. As the fire crossed to the Grose Valley, the Blue Mountains towns and villages are now facing a threat of a catastrophic scale.

For weeks now the RFS and our community have been asking for additional resources – but the Government has been ignoring our calls for help. It’s time to stop this madness and acknowledge that 80 000 people in the Blue Mountains and millions in Sydney Greater Region are in danger!!

The Blue Mountains Region is the World Heritage listed area and a pearl of our tourism industry, generating a substantial income for our economy. Our unique Flora and Fauna is disappearing in front of our eyes.  Now is the time for the Government to step up and show that they care about our land, our resources and our people.

Our incredible volunteer fire fighters have been giving their very best for more than a month now, and we cannot expect them to meet the oncoming danger alone. Many have been injured: they need help, we need help, our community is crying for help!

If we do not take extra steps to protect the Blue Mountains region from the bushfires, this will endanger lives, cause further loss of property, and create even greater health hazards due to smoke for millions of people in the greater Sydney region.


Joanna Kalkstein

Grose Road


Blue Mountains NSW

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