SACK Nigel Scullion NOW !

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The Indigenous affairs minister, Nigel Scullion, gave $155,000 from the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) to his mates at the NT’s Amateur Fishermen’s Association’s to fund their legal dispute over several Aboriginal land claims.

The IAS was set up for the purpose of improving outcomes and social participation for Aboriginal people and communities, not given to his mates in the fishing lobby.

The news of this latest disrespect to Aboriginal people and communities by the so called Indigenous Affairs Minister has caused outrage amongst Indigenous leaders, community groups, Indigenous organisations, Indigenous people as well as the broader Australian community.  One leader described his action as "totally immoral and against the normal rules".

By his actions, Nigel Scullion has shown that he does not represent the interests and well being of Aboriginal people and communities.  Aboriginal people all over Australia are sick and tired of not being listen to and taken advantage of, especially by a member of Parliament who is meant to represent them. 


We ask for your support in signing this petition to demand that the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison immediately sack the Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister, Nigel Scullion.