Scott Morrison’s Substandard Gold Standard

Scott Morrison’s Substandard Gold Standard

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Dear Gladys & Scott,

We, the people, as your constituents (many of us Liberal Party supporters) insist you alter course immediately to rid NSW of Community Spread. 

Your current Aggressive Suppression model is putting every person in NSW’s health at risk and causing unnecessary economic damage. 

The Premiers and people of WA & QLD are fed up with being bullied by you into accepting a lower standard of health security. Unlike the two of you, they’re not prepared to sacrifice their own health nor that of their families as guinea pigs to your Aggressive Contact tracing model.

Deal with Community Spread so we can re-open domestic borders and work together with all Australian States on ensuring the security of International Borders. 

This is the only way to enable un-restricted movement within Australia and ensure health safety and economic growth within our country.

Under your current AS model you are only ensuring NSW closure from other states, while you play blame games and continually insist those states take on unnecessary risk. This politicking is transparent and tiresome. 

If you continue to insist other states open up to NSW while CS exists within NSW you will only ensure the poor health of people and economic damage in those states also.

Victoria will, one day in the not too distant future, be rid of CS and because of your inaction NSW will then be a threat to Victoria.

The Trans-Tasman bubble is not an option until Australia collectively works together to rid us of Community Spread.

Aggressive Contact tracing, if or when required, should only be undertaken once CS is at zero.

Please stop allowing shortsighted Federal Politicians and business lobbies to use you for a movement that would make the Rust Belt of America proud.

This shortsightedness is only assuring NSW will one day be in the same disastrous position Victoria is in.

We are a privileged country and the people of NSW no longer accept the jeopardy you’re putting us and our family members in everyday.

We strongly reject the economic argument you use. As evidenced in below link.

Your shortsightedness and lack of regard for us will cost you votes 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!