Royal Commission in to the Family Law Courts

My son has,nt seen his daughter for 4yr,s due to the mother alienating him and the rest of his family from our grandchild . Due to having 3 children to 3 different fathers she,s gotten away with it far to long her parent,s fund her we cant afford the fund,s to fight in court it,s all corruption with solicitors and barrister,s and judge,s plus it,s so long and drawn out these mother,s also poison the mind,s of children my son,s child was 3 and was very close to her father the mother litrally scared the child into not seeing the father at supervised visit the child refused to see him . These mother,s need to be made acountable and sentenced for what they do to these children.

Jacquie Reimers, Brisbane, Australia
2 years ago
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