Petition to resume works on underground power in Australia's Northern Territiory

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In the wake of Cyclone Marcus, a category two cyclone that blew through Darwin yesterday (17/03/2018) there has been widespread damage, including power and water disruptions due to fallen trees, fallen power lines and structural damage.

This is not the first cyclone to cross the path of Territorians and it will not be the last. With these large weather events prone to the area in which we live, it is our duty to prepare for those in every way possible. As citizens the official advice to us is to prepare cyclone kits and avoid unnecessary travel. But we can do more.
As of writing this petition, 43 suburbs have either partial power restoration or are still waiting. That's tens of thousands of people. More information can be found here. It has been over 24 hours since services began working to restore power.

The reality is that this could be avoided. By resuming the work on the underground power lines, the aftermath of a cyclone will be much safer. As money has been labelled the reason these works have not been continued, many people believe this should take priority over what residents are calling "The Road to Nowhere" officially known as Barneson Boulevard. It is supposedly to reduce congestion and provide people an alternate route when travelling to and from the city however this is a fallacy. The congestion we experience is practically non-existent and we feel it does not take priority over basic utilities.

Work on underground power lines came to a halt in 2012 due to the change in government. The previous government had promised to spend $80 Million over 20 years, though the work was stopped ten years too early by the new Country Liberals Government. More information can be found here

If you agree that work on underground power should be resumed, then please sign this petition.
We will forward this to the appropriate Senate, and with your help we will remind them that this is an issue that still needs their attention.


Thank you.