Request To Allow All Temporary And Skilled Visa(Sc 457,482,485,500) To Enter In Australia.

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   We all know that the time of epidemic is going on in the whole world and every country is engaged in finding a vaccine for this disease but so far no solution has been found yet. We know that it will take a long time, but on the other hand, due to this, many lives facing lot of problems in their life. We know that Australia has also come in the grip of this disease and Australia is making very good efforts to get out of this disease and we hope that we will definitely succeed soon. Millions of people come to Australia every year whether it is a Student, a Skilled Worker or a Tourist. Which increases millions in the economy of Australia. In this bad time, when we needed help from Australian Government said very easily, those who can not afford their expenses can go back to their home country, it is very easy to say this, but ask those who worked in Australia for half of their age. We know that Australian Citizens and permanent Residents are first priority of Australian Government but    Government is not thinking about Temporary Visa Holders, (Subclass 457,482,485 and many other visa holders) who are stuck overseas due to Australian Border Closure. So it's a Humble request you to think about these visas holders and allow them to enter in Australia so these people can start their lives again. They also have families, they also have the same rights as the Australians. They also have homes in Australia, They have to pay their rents, they also have to pay the bills if they do not have jobs, then how will they pay the rent and how they support their family. There are some people who came to visit their relatives for only 10-15 days and have been stuck in India due to the lockdown. We request you to do something and help them to get through from this difficult time please allow allow all temporary visa holders to enter in Australia so they can resume their normal life.