Request ScoMo/DFAT to Evacuate Australians stranded in India

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We request our Honorable Prime Minister Scott Morisson to kindly team lead this critical and urgent evacuation of AUSTRALIANS stranded in various part of India. Other nations have already done the evacuation and we are desperately awaiting OUR turn. Australia has a proud history of responding well to crises for fellow citizens. As per the "Australian Public Service Comission" Chapter 7 'Management of Crises States "Times of crisis provide a litmus test of a government's capacity to work cohesively to convey information, extend medical, financial and counselling support and provide reassurance and leadership to its citizens".

There are thousands of Australians stranded in various parts of India and we await desperately for Australian GOVT INTERVENTION.

About us, I have family of 5 includes 3 small kids stranded overseas in Hyderabad (India) in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Our flights got cancelled twice and we worry for our safe return. We have poured-in all our $$$ because of this over extended lockdown. We are worried for our children, their health, return to work, no govt benefits, still paying expenses/bills back in Sydney in this crisis.

This is just our scenario but there are worser circumtances other Australians are in, families with small kids, single, retired, working, single parents etc irrespective, WE ALL are UNITED by our Country as Australians.

We ON BEHALF of the thousands of Australians stranded in India, make a sincere APPEAL to our Honourable PM Scott Morrison, DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and fellow Australians to support our cause.