Remove the Luxury Car Tax! Consumers are hurting. The automotive industry is dying!

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Currently (right now in 2020) there’s a Ludicrous (Luxury) Car Tax here in Australia on both tree-hugging-fuel-efficient cars, and on cars that are actually fun to drive.

The Luxury Car Tax applies for any new vehicle over $75,526 inc GST on tree-hugging-fuel-efficient cars that use less than 7 litres per 100km, OR $67,525 inc GST for all other (much more fun) cars.

Before you jump down my throat about the fact that the Tesla Roadster is a friggin quick car and would be fun to drive, it costs OVER $235,000 here in Australia, so luxury car Tax applies!!! (heck, I'd even put on a blonde wig and pretend I'm "Supercar Blondie" for a day if you lend me one of them!)
Note: I'm a 46 year old hairy male, so I might not get the same response.

Anyway, back to the petition....

This petition is to REMOVE the Luxury Car Tax in Australia

The Automotive industry in Australia is struggling. Luxury Car Tax was introduced in 2001 to encourage consumers to purchase locally made cars.

Fast forward to 2020 and NO cars are manufactured here any more.

Yes, EVERYTHING is imported... but someone in the Australian government "forgot" to turn off the "tap", where over $220M a year flows effortlessly to the government in LCT income, at the cost of the hardworking Australian Consumer.

I'm sure it's just an honest mistake, and once we show the government this petition with thousands of signatures, we will "jolt" their memory and they'll do the right thing... right?

Today it was reported that GMH just killed off Holden and I’m sure the other manufacturers are watching the fallout with interest, so it’s time for the government to get serious about ensuring consumers have a fair choice of vehicles they drive in Australia, without the stupid Ludicrous (Luxury) Car Tax… yes, including the tree-hugging vehicles.


It’s in the governments interest to have safe and reliable vehicles on the road, so why penalise consumers (and the automotive industry) who might be in a position to purchase something over $67,000?

Sign this petition now, to put a stop to this madness and give the Australian consumer a greater choice of vehicle purchase, before more manufacturers look at dismal sales in our country and pull their brands from our shores.

Please electronically sign this NOW and forward this to your friends!

Notes: As stolen from the ATO website:

Luxury car tax (LCT) is a tax on cars with a GST-inclusive value above the LCT threshold.

LCT is imposed at the rate of 33% on the amount above the luxury car threshold.

LCT is paid by businesses that sell or import luxury cars (dealers), and also by individuals who import luxury cars.