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Purpose- This petition establishes the urgency for managing the establishment of necessary measures for well-being of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in AUSTRALIA.

As of the 23rd of March 2020, the Australian Government has declared that all non-essential organisations to be shut down in the hopes to slow down the rapid spread of COVID-19 due to which INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS have also been forced to stand down from their part time/casual jobs. The Australian Government has issued stimulus packages to assist with airlines, businesses and FULL TIME STUDENTS however, there is no specific announcement made for the well-being of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

All these INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS who add billions to the revenues of Australia are currently affected by humanitarian crisis (COVID-19) that has significantly impacted on the students’ financial circumstances. This has resulted in HUGE amounts of international students reaching out to seek the only help they can - through the welfare system.

We request the following measure to be taken by all educational institutions in Australia-

  1. Tuition fee waiver/concession up to at least 50% for all international students.
  2. Full waiver for Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).
  3. Extension of census dates for tuition fee payments and enrolments.
  4. An emergency relief fund for all essentials such as food and house rents.

We consider the above demands as basic rights on humanitarian grounds and request government to extend coronavirus supplement to all the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS subject to Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Federal Register of Legislation- Australia). The way government and Educational institutions respond to this crisis will not only have impact on the current and future students but will also reflect what Australia is as a nation.

We expect a positive response from the Government and all educational institutions Australia wide for above mentioned demands to not only help reduce the mental pressure on all international students, but support such students who are desperate to put a shelter over their heads and food on the table. 

We all need to come TOGETHER to fight this and let Australia rise again.