Reduce the high cost of health insurance premiums

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As an 82 year old aged pensioner, I am deeply concerned at the ever rising costs of private health insurance. This subject is always in the news in March or April of each year and is the topic of conversation by many in the public arena, including policy holders, the media and elected government officials. However despite the continuing escalating costs of private health insurance for individuals and families, which is generally significantly higher than the annual Australian inflation figure, little or nothing appears to be done by the Federal Government to address this issue.

As the cost of private health insurance rises each year it is apparent that more and more people are dropping their cover and choosing to rely on the public health system. Inevitably this causes insurance premiums to rise further as there are less contributors to meet the ever increasing costs of running our hospitals and paying our medical and allied health professionals. 

It is evident that the main reason that we as Australians take out private health insurance is being able to choose our own specialist, and to get faster admission to hospital for elective surgery when required, thus avoiding the extended waiting periods experienced by many public patients. 

As we approach the upcoming Federal Budget, I call on the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, to consider subsidising the unaffordable cost of health insurance for low income earners, and in particular aged pensioners who are struggling to pay thousands of dollars each year to health insurers, in my own case, an amount equivalent to almost 11% of the total annual income of my wife and myself.