Put a HOLD on current WHV’s in Australia until COVID-19 is over, so they don’t lose days!!

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To dear, 

Mr Scott Morrison and the Department of Immigration Australia (WHV SUBCLASS 462 and 417)

We understand that you’re very busy dealing with COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown measures currently being adjusted and modified as we speak. 

However, we all would like to ask that you temporarily “SUSPEND ALL WHV SUBCLASS HOLDERS” currently living and or working in Australia, until the COVID-19 lockdown measures have been removed, give them the option to stay or leave without surrendering their current WHV rights. 

This would give the current WHV holders the chance to return to their home country, then return to Australia at a later date after the COVID-19 Lockdown measures have been removed. 

This will allow reasonable circumstances for the WHV holders to return and continue their travel/work life here in Australia without losing ANY current accumulation of their work days that would count towards their applications for 2nd or 3rd year WHV’s. 

This will also give current WHV holders the chance to STAY and work in ANY industry that is accepting WHV holders to earn an income.

This will enable them to support themselves in these urgent circumstances, without losing anytime towards working and gaining the correct accumulation of their work days that would count towards their applications for 2nd or 3rd year WHV’s.

This will help regulate the balance in our economy allowing Australian’s also to reach out to local farmers for work and it will also help the current WHV holders in making their decisions wisely regarding their travel/work and living circumstances here in Australia without having the fear of losing/forfeiting their WHV rights and time.

Please, we ask, that you, Mr. Scott Morrison, consider these wishes and requests with upmost compassion and direct these requests to the appropriate department within the immigration agencies that are in charge of these components and see that this request be put in place as soon as possible. 

On behalf of all WHV holders subclass 462 and 417. 

Best regards, 

Jackson Thomas McCarthy (Australian Citizen Born and raised)