Put a freeze on childcare fees while kids are being asked to stay home

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Australia's parliament isn't safe for politicians to meet again until  August - but somehow our schools and childcare centers are safe for our children?

The Governments response to the COVID19 crisis when it comes to schools and childcare has been insulting and confusing at best. Not enough is being done to protect our children, our teachers, and our children's carers. And the communication has not been clear.

The conversation on childcare has been virtually absent from public discussion.

Families who are following the advice to "keep our children at home"  are still being charged childcare fees.

Childcare centers have been declared an essential service, and unless a childcare center has closed down, parents who withdraw their children are still being charged.

At this time, families are doing it tough! 

Given this is a difficult time for most people, the Government should not be placing the burden on parents to continue to pay childcare fees while their children are at home.

We call on the Government to urgently:

Introduce a FREEZE on ALL CHILDCARE fees for the duration of the COVID19 crisis AND guarantee wages for all childcare staff.

Families want to support their childcare centers, they want them to continue to be operational and safe. They want staff working in childcare centers to be paid - and paid well. But during this unprecedented time - particularly as we don't know how long this is likely to continue. We need Government to step in and foot the bill on this one.

All of the communication from Government on this has been REALLY CONFUSING for parents. The Government could relieve a lot of anxiety by being much clearer on how parents and families will be supported during this difficult time.

That's why we are asking for a FREEZE on ALL CHILDCARE payments. To stop the confusion on different subsidy rates. And also not placing parents in a situation where they need to prove financial hardship at this time.

Parents are trying to do their best to keep their kids safe. Their communities safe. We are asking Governments to support parents in return during this period.